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Shipping Guarantee/ Shipping Service Guarantees

Estimated Handling (Availability) Time:

All products are individually marked with an according "Usually Ships in" time frame for each products availability. Generally your order will be shipped on or before this window expires. We pride ourselves on expedient and accurate shipment of all products. If for any reason we are unable to ship your order in the time frame as displayed/expected, we will contact you directly through the email address provided at checkout to inform you of the delay. Greater than 99% of our orders are shipped on or before these time frames expiration's to allow for a speedy delivery. This handling/processing time must be added to the time frame expected for the delivery service chosen during checkout. All ordered items will be shipped together if possible. If ordering multiple items, the item with the longest estimated ship time will be used for the entirety of the order. For reference our business days are Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm EST with the exception of nationally recognized holidays or other days of closure as noted. Shipping cut off times are currently 1pm EST.

Shipping Service Guarantees:

We are currently happy to offer paid domestic (United States only) shipping services through FedEx and USPS. These services include: FedEx Home Delivery, FedEx Ground Delivery, USPS Priority Mail, and USPS First Class Mail. During checkout, dependent upon the address type and location as entered and the products as contained in your shopping cart, you will be presented with all applicable shipping types and the estimated time your package will be in the possession of the carrier for delivery. Although we can not guarantee delivery within these carrier provided estimation periods, the presented estimations are made as accurately as possible given the information as provided to us by FedEx and USPS for the services they are offering. Please note that due to current issues related to the COVID-19 virus, some delivery services may be slightly delayed on a delivery location basis dependent upon factors beyond the control of OneGrill or the carriers themselves.

In addition to paid specific shipping options with FedEx and USPS, Free Economy Shipping is a service we are also happy to provide to all customers residing in the lower 48 contiguous United States on select marked products. This economical service option has no guaranteed delivery date with an estimated arrival of 7-10 business days from shipment and will be sent in the most cost efficient manner possible utilizing services as made available from all major U.S. carriers. OEM/vendor accounts excluded from usage of this shipping option at all times.

*Orders that are deemed unable to be delivered due to inaccurate address entry are at the burden of the buyer. We will not refund the cost of shipping in this instance. Additionally, any orders that are refused or returned to sender will not receive a refund for the shipping costs incurred and are liable for any charges incurred for the return shipment. Shipping costs incurred for any order that is returned is non-refundable.
*Please note that signature service may be requested for delivery at our discretion. In the event this service is employed, it is solely for the safe delivery of your package. Failure to be available for deliveries that require signature confirmation is at the consequence of the buyer.
* In the event an item is back-ordered, this will be displayed in the product availability on the product detail page. These orders may have a shipping label printed ahead of actual planned pickup by the carrier.
*If you do not receive a domestic order within 15 days from shipment please feel free to contact us so that we can provide additional support.

*International orders (Outside of the United States) will require payment of any duties as collected by the importers delivery country at the time of delivery. These duties are not included in the cost of shipment as provided during checkout and are imposed by the importers country for release of delivery. Unless otherwise noted in the product description, all OneGrill brand products are sourced from our Taiwan manufacturing facility.

Warranty / Price Policy

OneGrill 1 Year No Hassle Warranty
All products manufactured for or by OneGrill, carry a 1 Year Warranty against material defects and or workmanship from the date of purchase
. We will, at our discretion, repair or replace the defective item within that warranty period at no charge to the customer including shipping required to return the product to you (excludes international orders); shipment of item to OneGrill is at the burden of the buyer. Products which OneGrill does not manufacture or have manufactured specifically for us shall carry the full manufacturer's warranty if that warranty exceeds our own. We may at our discretion improve upon or extend that warranty to meet our quality and customer service guidelines. We also reserve the right to discontinue any product we feel does not meet our quality requirements. Every attempt will be made to offer another item which performs a similar function and with better quality. All products are specifically intended for use in conjunction with outdoor grills or other outdoor cooking appliances that require the use of rotisseries or rotisserie components for the purpose of cooking food.
**Product Finishes: We warrant all OneGrill Products against complete corrosion perforation or rust through for a time period of 1 year. Many OneGrill Products feature chrome plating, bare carbon steel, and/or painted surfaces as a cost effective alternative to stainless steel for homeowner applications. These products are plated and/or painted using industry best methods. Please be advised that with proper care, cleaning, and storage these finishes will provide a lifetime of usable service. Surface rust and pitting is considered normal and expected performance for chrome plated, painted, and bare carbon steel products if proper maintenance is not performed. Long life and avoidance of corrosion can be attained by proper care and storage of your rotisserie cooking utensils. We recommend for the aforementioned materials that clean-up occur immediately after utility. Only soft bristle brushes and/or cleaning pads should be employed with mild non-lemon based dish detergents. Avoid harsh chemicals and metal bristle brushes for best finish performance. Discoloration will occur with extended use. This is completely normal and will not affect utility performance over the life of the product. Stainless steel products will not exhibit any rusting or corrosion unless local water sources used for cleaning contains rust or cleaning utensils are employed that contain carbon steel. As stainless steel products are not plated, they will exhibit surface discoloration and absorption. This is completely normal behavior and will in no way affect the utility of the product. For cleaning purposes stainless steel can tolerate harsher chemicals than alternate finishes; only use chemicals intended for cleaning stainless steel that is approved for food exposure or mild dish detergent.
**Motors and Electrical Devices: All OneGrill Rotisserie Motors and AC/DC adapters should be used with the same reasonable care as any household electrical device. All OneGrill electrical devices should be stored in a dry, weatherproof location when not in use to avoid premature failure and to protect you as the user from electrical shock when in use. During use all OneGrill Rotisserie Motors and AC/DC adapters can be subjected to brief periods of light precipitation; heavy rains should be avoided for the protection of the motor and/or AC/DC adapter and you the user. OneGrill Electrical products that exhibit excessive water damage are not covered under the 1 year No Hassle Warranty. Excessive heat exposure should be avoided for maximum performance and extended life of your rotisserie motor. Never leave a rotisserie motor attached when not in use to avoid excessive heat sinking during high heat grill cleaning sessions. All electrical devices should be mounted using appropriate brackets to ensure extended performance and life; please follow all recommendations for motor offset or employ heat shielding to avoid premature failure due to heat.

Pricing Policy

It is our commitment to provide you with the best value, at the best price. We value your business and strive to keep our prices low, and SAVE you money! All special offers are only valid for the time period indicated. Prices are as marked at the time the order is placed.

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